Centerpoint Energy | Aquent


UX/UI Design

CenterPoint Energy is a Fortune 500 electric and natural gas utility serving several markets in the American states of Indiana, Ohio, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, and Texas.  As part of a broader digital transformation effort, the company needed a redesign of their custom Sharepoint Intranet.

The Problem

The company’s intranet design was dated.   Broken navigation, broken functionality, outdated components all contributed to a bad experience for users.

The Solution

Leverage employee survey results and research data to design a modern, responsive intranet that addresses user needs.

The Process

I lead the design process through 4 phases.  The process is never linear.  Iteratively designing and conducting stakeholder interviews and reviews was important.

The Data

There was a wealth of quantitative and qualitative data provided by qualtrics.  Webtrends data was also provided by the client – helping us make more data informed decisions.


Survey Results:

Review Existing Intranet

As part of the discover phase,  We did an audit of the entire intranet.  Identifying navigation issues, broken functionality, outdated content etc, etc.


Information Architecture

Creating mappings of various sharepoint page types and improving the navigation was part of my IA strategy.  I facilitated virtual card-sorting sessions with the team to work through navigation categories and create the final site map.


Navigation Structure – Before:

creating a sitemap of the intranet was an important step towards uncovering navigation issues and page types during the discover phase.

Navigation Structure – After:

creating broad categories for navigation and employing a co-existing hierarchy pattern made it easier for users to find information

Design System

The intranet had hundreds of pages so being able to design for scale was part of my design strategy.  Instead of doing wireframe of pages, I instead built a wireframe of common components that I identified earlier in my discovery phase.  This would allow me to iterate more quickly.

Visual Design

The final design would be months of iteration,  accounting for responsive scenarios and making sure the interaction was pleasant for users.

Figma Prototypes

As part of the design process, I had to create prototypes to better communicate user stories and design intent to stakeholders.  Here are links to a few of them.