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UI Design and Debugging
Process Modelling

The Problem

How do we streamline the app submission process to improve efficiency and the overall user experience of applications?


The Solution

We would need to do a review of our internal process and identify key areas where we could improve by:

  • Visualizing the Customer Journey
  • Defining UX Goals
  • Testing & Refining
  • Analyze Results

Visualizing the Journey

As part of the customer success team, each member participated in an open discussion about our process.  We would identify bottlenecks and come up with ideas to solve the problems.


Empathy for the user

We had to set a quality bar for submissions.  Apps in the showcase would run in the cloud as testable demos so we had to make sure the experience was pleasant for users.


Iterating the Process

Once we were able to identify key areas of ownership.  We would test and refine our process over a period of 6 months.  This would give us an overview of our process which we would continue to refine based on the needs of the team and as the project matured.


Before and After

These are examples of scenarios where through our process, we were able  to give apps a huge makeover before they were published to the showcase.


Apps That Mean Business

This role was fairly unusual in scope.  In addition to working on our internal process – My work with the business applications group introduced me to the world of service design and low-code development.  I had the opportunity to work on a variety of different implementation issues around business apps and picked up some new skills along the way.