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UI Prototyper
Design Integration
Layout Testing and Debugging


The Microsoft Surface Remix Project is a Hardware & Software solution for mobile musicians.  I was responsible for building prototypes for user testing using XAML and C#.  I also got the chance to contribute to a contextual on-boarding (OOBE) experience that would give the user tips as first-time users of the app.

Blade Guide

The blade guide is a schematic of the surface accessory.  I felt the first thing the user should get acquainted with was the blade buttons and their functionality.

Sequencer View

Next I would go through the sequencer view and point out some important tips.  I built some fake prototypes of the sequencer view for user testing.

Sound Collection

Learning how to navigate the sound collection to find sounds you want was the 3rd step.  There were also filter options for the user.


The import pane would show give the user an overview of how to import, trip and or crop their samples upon import.